July 2014 Diversity Jobs Index and Report Shows 3.46% Decrease in Demand for Diverse Talent


Each month, Professional Diversity Network publishes the Diversity Jobs Index and Report to provide a monthly summary of the current trends within the marketplace for diverse Americans like yourself, as well as an index number that represents these overall conditions for the previous month. This particular release provides an overview of the demand for diverse talent in June of 2014.

Diversity Jobs Report

The Diversity Jobs Report (DJR) contains an array of critical statistical data that provides insight into our nation’s current employment situation segmented by different diversity groups. These groups represent people from different genders, races, and sexual orientations as well as military veterans and disabled persons. The DJR analyzes the varying employment levels for each of these demographics and further segments each group by education level, occupational industry, and geographic region.

Diversity Jobs Index

The Diversity Jobs Index (DJI) is derived from a wide cross section of leading diversity employers in different industries and geographic regions with varying numbers of full and part-time employees. 50 represents the baseline DJI and rises or falls each month based on the number of job postings from the cross section of diversity employers included in the calculation.

Key Highlights from July 2014 Edition:

  • The DJI for June 2014 is 51.82 – indicating a 3.46% decrease in demand for diverse talent
  • Every diversity group (women, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, veterans, disabled persons, and LGBT individuals) experienced an increase in employment except for African Americans
  • Despite 270,000 jobs being available this month, African Americans experienced a decrease in employment in every region and industry
  • Monthly unemployment rate for African Americans is almost double that of Whites, regardless of education level
  • In 2013, 12.4% of Black college graduates between the ages of 22 and 27 were unemployed, compared to the overall college graduate unemployment rate of 5.6%
  • Hispanics continue to have an exceedingly large presence in the Hospitality and Leisure industry at 21.9% of the overall labor force in this sector


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