Can You Use a Tablet in a Job Interview?

When it comes to job searching and interviewing, there are a lot of rules; from your cover letter and resume to accepting an interview and negotiating a salary. Depending on the company you’re interviewing with, it can be hard to determine what’s acceptable, and what’s not.  This is especially true with technology. As technology changes and evolves, it has also changed some of the rules when it comes to interviewing. More and more, people are bringing electronic devices into the interview.

So, what devices are acceptable in an interview, and how do you use them? Interviews are for getting an understanding of your skills, personality, and simply just trying to get to know you. It’s about exchanging information in person. So when it comes to devices, anything that’s going to help you represent your skills in an easy and digestible way is a plus. This is especially true for web designers and developers but works no matter what field you’re in.



It can help make you a stronger and more memorable candidate. It shows that you are changing with technology and are a flexible, smart professional that uses the tools at your disposable. Printed resumes are still the norm, so using a tablet will give you an edge.

It creates more interaction with the interviewer. Unlike a printed resume, a tablet is interactive. It’s easy to pass back and forth, or even plug into larger screens if needed. You can encourage the interviewer to touch and swipe information creating a more interesting experience. Just remember, make sure you are prepared to show everything that you need to. Determine what you want to get across in the interview, and have the presentation and projects easily available before going in.

You’ll avoid tripping over your words. A picture really is worth a thousand words. When questions come up about past projects, rather than trying to find the words to explain them and describe them, you can show them! Give the interviewer a chance to actually look at what you’re referring to. Whether its design for an advertising campaign you worked on, code for a website you built, charts to show analytics, or more! The options are endless. You simply need to practice and make sure the interview can see the screen at all times.

If done right, you can totally nail your interview with the use of a tablet. However, it must be done right. You need to make sure it creates a more seamless experience, rather than being a hassle or awkward annoyance. With this in mind, you want to make sure you practice, practice, practice. You’ll have do decide what projects and skills you want to get across, and plan for it accordingly.

In addition, make sure you plan for anything that could distract from the interview rather than enhance it. This can include notifications and popups, sound, desktop icons, and more. If there is anything on your tablet you don’t want an interviewer to see, make sure it’s turned off or hidden.

What are your experiences with using tablets in the interview? Any horror stories or success stories? 

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