5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Hired

According to our latest Diversity Jobs Report, over 10 million Americans are currently seeking full-time employment. Combined with factors not within your control — like timing,  management and organizational changes—this statistic means the landscape for securing a good paying job is now more competitive than ever.  If you are struggling in your quest for a new job, now is a good time to reassess your search strategy.  Consider the pointers below and get ready to turn the tides!

1) You’re not on the radar

To gain consideration for the job, employers must first know that you exist.  Commit to getting on the radar in the right circles to accelerate your progress. Seek out events and professional networking opportunities that provide face time with decision makers and leaders in your respective field.  A good start?  Check out your local chamber of commerce and trade organizations, then be sure to register for our free professional networking events.  Check out the calendar here.

You can also take advantage of PDN’s strategic partnerships with diversity organizations like the National Urban League, NHSMA, Women in Bio, National Association of Black MBA, etc.  By adding your profile to their online job boards, you can increase your visibility among employers that value diversity.

2)  You think “Networking” means brown nosing

Effective networking is all about having a positive attitude and uncovering ways to make a meaningful connection.  This means not simply asking what others can do for you, but how can you help them, too.  Mutually beneficial relationships are grounded in respect—no brown-nosing required.

3)   Your resume needs a refresh

Does your current resume sell your true value?  Employers need confidence that you meet the qualifications to get the job done-  at first glance.  If your resume needs a refresh, use free tools like Resunate.  It will match your experience to fit a specific job description and highlight relevant skills to position you in the best light. 

4)   You’re not asking the right questions

Your optimized resume got you in the door for an interview, but it’s still up to you to close the deal. If the interviewee asks if you have questions, your answer should always be “Yes!”  If they don’t ask, be proactive and say, before we close I have a few questions. Demonstrating a genuine curiosity about their business can communicate that you are engaged and excited about joining their team.  Do your homework and be prepared.  Need ideas?  Just review their annual report or corporate website for inspiration.

5)    You forgot to “close out” the interview

After you wow the potential employer with smart questions that demonstrate your knowledge of the business, don’t forget to close the deal.  Get clarity on where you stand as a candidate and confirm next steps.  Simply ask if, based on your discussion, they agree you are a fit for the job.  If the interviewer hesitates (or says no), leverage the opportunity to immediately address any shortcomings.  While you should never oversell your abilities or lie about your experience, be assertive and allay her concerns before you leave.  Assume your competition is tough and play to win.

Searching for employment is no easy task.  But by following these easy tips, you can avoid common mistakes that could potentially keep you from landing the perfect job.  It’s never too late to make improvements. Elevate your game and happy job hunting!

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