Checklist for Living and Marketing Your Personal Career Brand: Part 3

By: Murray A. Mann and Rose Mary Bombela-Tobias

Checklist for Living and Marketing Your Personal Career Brand: Part 3

By: Murray A. Mann and Rose Mary Bombela-Tobias

In the article Building a Strong Personal Brand is Critical to Your Job Search and Career Success: Part Iwe discussed the importance of personal career branding for Latinos. A Checklist for Developing Your Personal Career Brand: Part 2presented a guide for developing your personal career brand.


Below is a step-by-step process to help you authentically live and effectively market your brand.

1. Create Awareness. Look for opportunities to make the right people aware of your brand. Get on the radar screen. The best brand in the world is useless unless people are aware of it.


You can get your name out at work by participating in company or association meetings, requesting to work on high-profile projects, serving on projects where you’ll be seen by a number of people (i.e., handing out name-tags at a trade show meeting), copying your boss’s boss on significant emails/memos, and suggesting time-saving/money-saving ideas to your immediate employer.


Read Managing Your Online Identity for Career Success: Building Your Brand in Bits & Bytes and Make Yourself Memorable


2. Check the employment opportunities for your emerging brand. Is there a need for what you offer? Are companies hiring in that area? Example: Check with your network and Jobs

Example: To demonstrate your unique value, be a best, first, or most at whatever you do. Are you the best at creating product marketing strategies, are you the first one to have mastered how to use new office technology, are you the most accomplished, award-winning sales professional in your company/industry?

3. Branding can be accomplished through verbal and visual means.


Verbal branding includes sound bites and success stories.  You can find guide and worksheet to developing success conversations at Be the S.T.A.R. of Your Next Job Interview.

Visual branding is accomplished through your actions, attitude, and attire — Live and Breathe Your Brand!


4. Refine your product benefits into a 3-Point Marketing Message that conveys your unique strengths. This is a critical sound bite in your branding campaign.

Example: “I excel at the 3 R’s of sales: research, relationships, and revenue–I exhaustively research client needs, build relationships based on serving those needs, and have a track record of increasing revenue.”

5.  Prepare brief brand statements. You must be succinct in expressing your unique promise of value. If your brand promise is too complicated to be expressed in a few sentences, it will not be effective.


Include success stories and sound bites to create a comfortable yet compelling two-minute introduction.

Consider using a tagline that helps people remember you in a unique and favorable light such as: “My colleagues call me ‘Mr. FedEx’ because I always deliver projects on time’;’ ‘The glue who holds it all together’; or ‘Strategic business partner who achieves ROI through people.’”

6.  Practice

Example: Rehearse so you deliver your sound bites naturally, without appearing as though you’re reading a telemarketing script.

7. Build a support group.

Example: Recruit a person or two who will respectfully and selflessly support you in your commitment to shaping and enhancing your ideal image. Mentors and career coaches can be ideal supporters.


8. Enlist brand champions.

Example: If you grow your career network and build relationships with them, you will create a career familia of brand cheerleaders, advertisers, promoters, and marketers.

9. Periodically evaluate your brand to ensure its significance.

Example: Use your career familia, annual performance review, and online research to determine whether your personal career brand is relevant to the current job market.

10. Maintain your brand.


  • Be consistent in every task you perform at work and in your communications with every person.
  • Nurture two-way relationships with peers, supervisors, managers, mentors, career familia and new contacts.
  • Ensure positive measured visibility of your brand attributes.

11. Evolve your brand.

Example: To remain relevant to their target audiences, all strong brands evolve with the times. We now have and numerous other professional forums. If your customer base alters, technology changes or opportunities requiring additional skills arise; you also must grow with the times.

In part 4, we close with the A to Z of strong personal brands.


About the Authors: 

Murray A. Mann and Rose Mary Bombela-Tobias are co-authors of Barron’s The Complete Job Search Guide for Latinos and Latinos@Work Blog

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