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Technology is something that we have to deal with in almost every aspect of our lives. We can oppose the idea of changing with the times, but lets face it, it makes life easier. Similarly, when faced with the difficult task of finding a job, technology can assist in a world of ways.

Make proper use of the Internet. Seeking a job without properly using the Internet can be a waste of time that you cannot afford. Use your time wisely. Although you are aware that this is a good principal to follow, you may not be aware of what it is that is wasting your time. Secondly, develop strong research skills in a short period of time. Use search engines to find sites that are targeted towards your particular search such as job boards and career events in your area. If you don’t know, ask. But don’t just ask – be specific. Many people in your network want to help you, but they may need a nudge of specifics to trigger their memory. Employers that are a part of your network, that use the internet to find applicants, would be a great source for you when trying to find out where you should be adding your resume. If you don’t have a network, find one. Most networking organizations have a website. Create a marketing plan, with the companies that will hire you by using ‘company information’ sites. Find out who is hiring and who is not. Take the time to research each company before you apply. Make sure that you fit their needs as much as you believe they fit yours. Do your homework, know the product and get a better understanding of the market. Look up their financials to see if the company projects well for the next few years.

Targeted Internet job boards such as the NSHMBA Career Center and can assist you with much more than just adding your resume. These days’ employers are seeking candidates through outreach and community-based programs. The NSHMBA Career Center targets a select group of Hispanics and iHispano’s outreach program targets the passive professional candidate. Subscribers to the e-newsletter of either NSHMBA or, will find key job seeking tips and information, find out who is hiring and more importantly the object of that company’s desire – targeting Hispanic professionals.

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