Ask for More. You Deserve It!

When talking economics, men are better negotiators than women. For example, they get better paying jobs, own more properties, deal more in the stock market and at the time of their death they leave larger inheritances than women.

There are numerous studies that also indicate that women are not in the lead when it comes to other things either. They do most of the domestic work in the home and have more responsibilities with the children and have less leisure time than their partners. This is true even when both hold full time jobs.

We should ask “why”? Why are women at a disadvantage? Is it because men are more intelligent and more talented than us? Of course not!

The answer to the first question is easy. The main reason why most men obtain better jobs is because they have higher expectations than women and are not afraid to negotiate.

For example: in a study relating to salaries made at Carnegui Mellon University showed that the reason why women have lower salaries is because men are not intimidated when asking for more money and women are. They are willing to negotiate their salaries eight times more than women.

In another study, business administration students were given a hypothetical executive position. They were then asked to estimate what would be the maximum salary that a company would pay for that position. It was not surprising to see that the women estimated a much lower pay than the male students.

The same group of students was given another hypothetical situation where they were part of a civil suit. Some of them played the part of the plaintiff and were asked to evaluate how much should the judge assign for damages caused. Again, the women asked for less compensation than the men

There are many more studies that show that we do not have what we want simply because we do not ask for it. Frequently women feel insecure and have doubts on what they deserve. They feel that if they ask for too much they might get a negative reaction.

In my experience teaching the art of “negotiation” to executives and entrepreneurs I discovered that there is a large correlation between what an individual expects and what he finally gets. If you expect less you will get less. This applies to your professional and personal life.

The reason why women are not more successful is because they do not dare to demand more and settle for less. Lets learn from them, make your expectations higher. From now on apply the number one rule of negotiation: “Ask For More, Expect More and You Will Obtain More”.

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